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Uji Kyoto Organic Farm

Our partner farm, Harimaen, is a family-owned Japanese tea company founded in 1858 in Kyoto, Uji. Harimaen specializes in high-quality organic Japanese green teas, like Matcha, Hojicha, Sencha and Gyokuro. They are devoted to the protection of biodiversity, little water consumption, sustainable agricultural practices, and organic cultivation free from pesticide or chemical fertilizer. 

We take a lot of time and effort to pursue “true safety” by cultivating our tea without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


About us

We are based in Los Angeles California and being Japanese back ground, Matcha Leaves is serious about spreading benefits of "Organic Matcha".
Matcha habit is a good healthy habit!

Check out our Instgram @matchaleaves for unique recipes and new ideas for Matcha uses. Hope you join in our Matcha health movement! 

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  USDA OrganicJASEU Organic certification


The number of tea grown under JAS standard for organic plants and USDA standard accounts for less than 0.3% compared to the total.